High-quality safety films

Rayban Safety Films meet Australian Standards and are ideal for homes, businesses, childcare centres, schools, or anywhere children may come into contact with glass.

If you’re in the Perth Metro Area and are interested in our safety film solutions, call our friendly team today on 08 9350 5199 and we’ll arrange a free, no-obligation quote.

Window security film

We understand that protecting yourself and your property is more important than ever. That’s why our window security films are designed to hold glass fragments together on the film and within the frame to make it more difficult for intruders to break in. With an impact strength of around 175psi (pounds per square inch) and can be clear or tinted they provide a superior level of security protection as well as protection from the sun. When used in conjunction with a vibration sensor alarm system, window security films are an excellent deterrent to opportunistic thieves. You may also be entitled to a reduction in your home insurance bill after applying security film to your windows.

Anti-graffiti film

If you own a commercial building or residential property close to a lot of pedestrian traffic, you could be under threat from graffiti. With our high-quality anti-graffiti film, you can help to protect your windows to ensure that paint, scratches and scrapes don’t ruin the aesthetics of your property.

Film types

Please click here to see the various types of film we have available.